Even Stevens.

The Even Stevens project is a duplex development that provides two generous residential dwellings on a reflected floor plan for two siblings and their families. 

Sited on a standard residential block in the western suburbs of Melbourne, this development doubles the occupancy of the block by subdividing the lot into two separate titles with a common property driveway.

Each dwelling containing 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with an additional first floor living room.

Economies of scale are heightened in this design where material choices and finishes are consistent across the two homes. Timber batten screening provides both privacy to prevent overlooking and a varied aesthetic to the external design and street interface of the dwellings. ARKit’s panelised building system was adopted to combine the time and quality benefits of offsite construction.

Project value: $1,100,000 including GST, factory and site based construction, excluding design, consultant and authority fees. Panelised building system.