Three Pavilions.

Guided by the site’s topography and desire to retain mature vegetation, the house has been designed around a series of pavilions linked by an internal corridor and external walkways and decks. 

Located on a unique allotment with direct coast frontage, the interaction between the site and any planned buildings required careful consideration from the outset.

The project, planned as a sea change for its inner-city owners, is intended for use as a permanent residence, accordingly the design of the house resulted from a fine balance between everyday practicality and a desire to downsize.

Situated at the end of a quiet coastal road, the main house comprises two bedrooms a with a self-contained one-bedroom sleepout. Spatial planning for the home considered a need for the building to be able to expand to accommodate overnight guests whilst maintaining an efficient footprint suitable for day to day living for two people.

The pavilions are lightly positioned within the landscape with their black stained blackbutt cladding creating a deliberate contrasting against the pale eucalyptus and coastal vegetation.

The result is a home that offers expansive internal and external views of the surrounding vegetation and a design that both opens the building to the outdoors whilst compartmentalising the various functions of the home according to the owner’s day to day requirements.

Project value: $905,000 including GST, design, consultant and authority fees and construction. Panelised building system.