Collingwood Apartments.

A unique development in inner city Melbourne, the Collingwood Residences add a second storey addition to an existing warehouse.

The architectural form gestures to the surrounding neighbourhood’s residential, commercial and industrial contexts.

The factory, originally used for die casting, was owned by the client for several years to store a car collection. The first-floor additions were designed for each of his daughters, to accommodate their growing families.

The warehouse has a heritage overlay where the addition of the residences resulted in a mixed building classification. While outward appearances are a conventional build, there is significant complexity to the design solution as a result of the mixed classification use.

A modular building system was employed with a focus on notions of economies of scale in the construction, production and installation of the apartments allowing for shared material choices and finishes.

Project value: $1,415,000 including GST, design, consultant and authority fees, factory and site based construction. Modular building system.