Perched upon a steep landing halfway between the bushland forest trees and the great blue sea in Wye River, Victoria, this bespoke home encapsulates living amongst the nature. 

The home features two bedrooms, home office, open-plan kitchen, living and dining with direct views from the window and deck balcony towards the vast blue ocean and surrounding trees.

The challenging slope of the site is overcome with the structural steel footings that minimize impact on the existing site, and supports the lightweight prefabricated timber home.

The humble building nestles within the trees with the dark charcoal external cladding finish complementary with the blue hues of the sky and sea. Contrast is introduced with the warm timber batten balustrade which frames the view out towards the open.

Project value: $810,000 including GST, factory and site based construction, excluding design, consultant and authority fees. Panelised building system.