The Upstairs Room.

An existing inner-city terrace located in Melbourne. This addition is the solution to achieving more space within the limited parcel of the city.

The Upstairs Room is an inner-city addition creating a third level above a double-storey terrace. The new level sits above with a modern yet subtle finish, blending the existing house with the emerging surrounding contemporary apartment and high-rise buildings. As the City of Melbourne becomes more populated, the notion of increased building density is the solution for the growing housing demand. 

The project provides the dwelling with an outdoor roof-top deck, bathroom and spare room for guests or a home office. ARKit’s service for additions and renovations offers existing homes with brand new spaces.

Inside features a new technical staircase built of plywood and suspended by powder-coated steel rods from the ceiling. In the background of the staircase are large windows providing an abundance of natural daylight into the narrow home.

Project value: $450,000 including GST, design, consultant and authority fees, factory and site based construction. Modular building system.